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Hayward Announce Voluntary Recall of Pool Heaters

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Product Recalls

Hayward Announce Voluntary Recall of Pool Heaters

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Product description

CSA International, in co-operation with Hayward Pool Products Inc. of Elizabeth, New Jersey, has announced a voluntary recall of approximately 1,800 of the “ED2” natural draft gas-fired pool heaters. A malfunctioning circuit board can cause these gas pool heaters to fail to ignite, allowing gas to accumulate in the heater cover. Delayed ignition of the built-up gas can result in a fire or explosion causing property damage and injuries.

Hayward Pool Products has received four reports of incidents and no injuries have been reported.

The recall includes all Hayward H-Series natural-draft pool heaters with model numbers:

H150ED2 H200ED2 H250ED2 H300ED2 H350ED2 H400ED2 H150PED2 H200PED2 H250PED2 H300PED2 H350PED2 H400PED2 H250EDH2

The affected product was manufactured between September 26, 2002 and June 10, 2003 and can be identified by a manufacturing label displaying the unit’s model number and serial number. The label is located inside the unit, on the heater floor and can be access by removing the front panel of the heater housing. The H-series ED2 Control Bezel assembly (a black box mounted behind the front control panel) encases the defective circuit board.

These products have been sold through pool installer and distributors, between December 2002 and June 2003.

Consumers are advised to shut off the pool heaters by switching “off” the corresponding circuit breaker and contact Hayward Pool Product toll-free in Canada at 800-363-3300 anytime to schedule the installation of a free replacement control module. For more information, consumers can visit Hayward’s web site at www.haywardnet.com.