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Pentair Pool Heater Recall

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Pentair Pool Heater Recall

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In cooperation with CSA International, Pentair Water Pool and Spa Inc. of Moorpark, California is voluntarily recalling approximately 105,000 Pentair MiniMax® NT STD gas pool heaters in North America. These pool heaters can emit excessive carbon monoxide (CO), posing arisk of CO poisoning in the event of a vent leak in an indoor installation.

No incidents or injuries have been reported.

The recall involves Pentair MiniMax® NT STD gas pool heaters installed indoors. They have BTUH ratings between 200,000 and 400,000, and use either natural gas or propane. The model number is located on the rating plate on the inner front panel of the heater, which will show "NT" and "STD" in the third and fourth blocks of the number.. The following model numbers are included:

460427 through 460430
460439 through 460450
460531 through 460538
460543 through 460566

The rcall includes units with serial numbers 0606002 and lower. The recall also includes units without serial numbers. If the unit has a serial number, it is written on the rating plate of the heater. The heaters were sold through pool heater distributors and pool service equipment dealers nationwide from April 2002 through May 2006.

Units with serial numbers 0606003 and higher are not included in this recall. MiniMax® NT Low NOx and MiniMax® NT TSI model pool heaters are not included in this recall.
br> Customers should stop using these gas pool heaters installed indoors immediately, and contact Pentair to determine if their heater is included in the recall. If it is, Pentair will provide a free inspection and repair of the heater if necessary.

For more information, contact Pentair toll-free at (866) 761-5272 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, or go to their website at www.pentair.com.