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Nutech HRV Inspection Program

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Nutech HRV Inspection Program

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Nutech R. Hldngs Inc. Launches No-Charge Inspection Program for Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVís) Manufactured between 1992 to 1998

Why an inspection program?

In a small percentage of home installations, about 1 in 10,000, there have been reports of fires where HRVís have been present. You should know that in extensive testing conducted by the Canadian Standards Association International (CSA), Nutech and independent third party experts, these units have never been shown to cause fires. However, in the interests of safety and because a small number of fires of an unexplained nature have taken place in homes with these HRVís, Nutech has volunteered to conduct an inspection program.

Which HRV brands qualify?

HRV brands that qualify for the inspection program include Lifebreath, Tradewinds, Honeywell, Lennox, Fresh-X-Changer, American Aldes, Raydot, Standex, Sears Authorized Indoor Clean Air Services, Nutone and Airflow manufactured between 1992 to 1998 by Nutech R. Hldngs Inc.

Nutech is conducting the entire inspection program, and as such all inquiries should be directed to Nutech at 1-866-557-0535 or www.hrvinfoline.com

What should you do if you have an affected HRV?

Nutech R. Hldngs Inc., in close cooperation with the CSA, is asking customers to unplug affected HRVís (which have white fan motors) and to contact Nutech R. Hldngs Inc. to arrange for a no-charge inspection of unit fan motors built between 1992 and 1998.

The fan motors of the affected HRVís are white in color. Please note that if the fan motor is not white in color, it does not need to be inspected under this program.